Amy and Aaron are walking the entire distance from Cape Town to Cairo. Marty supported them by driving the Land Rover full of supplies for the South Africa-to-Mozambique portion of the journey. If you are interested in joining them as a walker or driver, please contact us.

Amy Russell

Founder and Executive Director of Walking4Water

Amy is the admittedly crazy person who has committed to seeing this project through. She's excited to turn this dream into a reality.

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Aaron Tharp

Committed walker and experienced traveler

Aaron, the guy with the coolest dreads on the block, is an essential member of our walking team. Although originally from Ohio, Aaron has been traveling since the age of 18, and has had many different life experiences most people only dream about. If there's anyone you want to walk across Africa with you, it's this guy.

Marty Yoder

Support Vehicle Driver

During the first part of the walk, from South Africa to Mozambique, Marty drove a Land Rover full of supplies alongside Amy and Aaron as they walked. Marty has now returned to the U.S. to continue his education, and the Land Rover was sold. Amy and Aaron are continuing on foot, but Marty and the Land Rover were a great set of training wheels for the first leg of the journey, allowing them to get comfortable in this new environment.


These members have been instrumental in getting the team to Africa and continue to make Walking4Water thrive while the walkers are abroad!

Emily Bauer

Support Team Director

Emily works as a nurse in Chicago and is married to Jesse. She keeps the support team organized, updates Walking4Water's social media outlets, and keeps tabs on Amy and Aaron. She is the person to contact if there is an emergency here that Amy and Aaron should know about, and she will let everyone here know if anything goes wrong in Africa.

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Jesse Bauer

Fundraising Campaign Manager

In addition to being Emily's husband, Jesse works at Goodman Theatre in the marketing department and is also a part-time student. He is keeping track of the team's finances and handling donor interaction. (He'd love to hear from you. Wink. Wink.)

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Doreen Oraha


We call her Dora (like the Explorer), and she is responsible for our social media and merchandising channels. Dora is to thank for the amazing press kit and for all of our press releases. Although new career responsibilities require Dora to take a step back from the Walking4Water team, she has been an incredible asset and will continue to ensure our press kit stays up-to-date.

Kristen Van Putten

Charity: water liaison

Kristen and her family have been involved with our beneficiary organization, charity:water, for a few years. Her experience with the organization and her extreme attention to detail make Kristen the perfect person to be our charity: water liaison and expert! Other than water, Kristen is passionate about elementary education and is a great teacher in Omaha, NE.

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Sarah Van Putten

Faith Community Liaison

Sarah is a student in Omaha who dreams of opening her own coffee shop to benefit impoverished nations in the developing world. (And yes, Kristen is her sister). Sarah spent all of August 2012 with Amy, Aaron and Marty as they traveled through South Africa, Swaziland, and southern Mozambique. Back in the states Sarah handles communications with supportive faith communities. If you are part of a faith community and want to be involved or to receive prayer requests for the Walking4Water Africa team please contact her.

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Chuck Russell

Web Steward

Chuck is the proud father of Amy. Other accomplishments include spending many years doing things with computers and teaching about them. For the last 19 years he has been working in IT at a community college.

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Rob Nightingale

UK Tour Coordinator and Marketing Director

Rob is coordinating our 10-day speaking tour in the UK, which will begin immediately after the team finishes their walk in Cairo. He runs his own marketing agency there, Wet Fish Marketing, and we are so excited and thankful to have him on board with Walking4Water!

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